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Taiz : performing 30 free surgeries..

For the second consecutive year .. (MDF) Conducts 30 free tonsillectomy operations for children who lost their breadwinner due to the war (orphans)

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Ma’akum Development Foundation (MDF) concluded the health project for children who have lost their breadwinners due to the war.

The program included thirty operations to remove the tonsils for 30 children under the auspices of Dr. Abdul Mughni Al Musni and The Foundation paid the costs of drugs and some tests.

In appreciation for the humanitarian role of Dr Abdul Mughni Al Musni. (Doctor of Ear, Nose and Throat in Taiz) , the families of the beneficiary children expressed their thanks and gratitude to Dr. Al-Musni and to the Foundation (MDF) , which gives their children comprehensive health, educational and social care.

Mrs. Ashghan Al-Faqih, Director of Welfare Department at (MDF) , thanked Dr. Dr. Abdul Mughni Al Musni for his continuous humanitarian works towards the needy and his ongoing coordination with the Foundation through discount of 40% for all needy people along the year.

It is worth mentioning that the Foundation has service agreements with many doctors and educational and service facilities that thousands of people benefit from every year .. Thanks to all of them ..

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While we appreciate this work, we call on all doctors and benefactors and supporters to support such programs, especially that hundreds of children are waiting for such operations to take place under harsh conditions for everyone at this time.

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