Free professional diplomas in the following fields

Free professional diplomas in the following fields:

-Sound engineering diploma, photography, and production
-Sewing and embroidery diploma

-Dioloma of electrical and solar energy maintenance
-Motorcycle maintenance diploma

-Information security

-Installation and maintenance smartphones

-Management of Internet WiFi

-Diploma of coiffure

-Diploma of food industries

-Diploma of communications technician
-Installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras

Registration procedures:

1_ Fill out the initial registration form on the Foundation’s official Facebook page (Ma’akum Develipmental Foundation mdf) and the official website of the Foundation (
2_ Attend the initial interview
3_ Field assessment of applicants
4_ Examine applicants according to standards
5_ final interview
6_ Declaration the results through the official websites of the Foundation as well as social media
7_ Follow up the results of previous procedures and the final result of admission. Follow the organization’s Facebook page

Registration period starts from 25/6/2019 until 10/7/2019

.. to sign up ..
Complete the form at the following link:

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf
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