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Taiz today .. Meeting of specialized committees for interview Applicants for My Profession Is In My Hand3 program For 1100 young men and women ..

Dr. Abdul Hameed Al Youssafi, Chairman of MDF met on Monday the special committees to meet applicants for free professional courses for youth and families who lost their breadwinner.
The committees consist of the Mobile Maintenance Committee, the Electrical and Installation of solar energy Committee, the Coiffure, Tailoring, Embroidery, Food industries, Sound Engineering, Montage, Photography and Motorcycle Maintenance Committee.
.. It will be on Tuesday and Wednesday 9-10 July 2019 interview more than 1100 young men and women after an initial electronic liquidation of 1425 advanced
Mr. Yasser Al-fatini the excutive director and Mona Al-Sharabi, Director of the Livelihoods Sector, conducted a panel discussion with the members of the committees, about the criteria and procedures for the interviewers to be selected according to the approved criteria that reflect the need and desire of applicants.
This program comes within the sector of livelihoods, which aims to transform young people into production, self-reliance and sustainable development.
..And all interested to support such programs that reduce the quality of unemployment and poverty, especially as the number of applicants exceeded the expected number ..
Thanking Selah Foundation for development for the main supporter of the project ,My profession 3 , Omana khadeja Foundation, and all supporters ..

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