Taiz.. MDF honors a number of universities that have contributed to the service of society ..

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, Yassir Alfutaini, the Executive Director of Ma’akum Develpomental Foundation MDF, visited to a number of private universities in Taiz.

During that visit, both:
Al-hekma University
National University
College of 22 May
were honored for their blessed efforts in the normalization of educational life in the province and the provision of grants and discounts for outstanding students who are unable to continue their university education .

The directors of the branches of the universities expressed their happiness with this moral gesture from mdf, thanking them for their efforts in alleviating the suffering of students in the province and its keen interest in this segment, which is based on them to build the homelands and achieve sustainable development.
It is worth mentioning that the Foundation has already honored many of the providers of educational and health services through mdf, including Taiz University, Al-Ataa, the Janad, private schools, institutes, centers and private clinics..

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