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Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf targets 5760 families as part of its sacrifice meat distribution plan for this year.

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf launched yesterday 11/8/2019 the distribution of sacrificial meat to the needy in Taiz province in the first days of Eid al-Adha and benefited from the project displaced people, poor families, people with special needs, the blind ,marginalized and many social segments in need working in the field of education, health and public service ..

The project is funded by Mearcy Relief, One Ummah, and several organizations that have partnered with the Foundation. It is part of the response plans that have been put in place to alleviate the suffering of the population due to the war, high prices and low income of most families.

This project will continue for 3days in arow according to the plan.
The project is expected to benefit more than 5,760 families distributed in many districts.

In appreciation of the efforts of the supporters, the Foundation President, Dr. Abdul Hamid Saif, expressed his thanks to all parties and good hands that supported the project.

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Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf is a non-governmental, non-profit, relief and development foundation, established on January 29, 2017, and it works in six sectors: Education, Health, WASH, Protection, Shelter, and Food Security and Livelihood. It has extensive relations with the official bodies, clusters and working Organizations. And all groups and segments of society benefit from its projects.
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