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Taiz..As part of Back to school campaign.. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation MDF honors the excellent students who lost their breadwinner ..

On Monday 26 August 2019, Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF) held a ceremony to honor 81 distinguished students who lost their breadwinner due to the war.

The ceremony is part of back to school campaign adopted by the Office of Education and local organizations in Taiz.

In the word of the Foundation , T. Najib Sharaf honored outstanding students for their excellence despite all the difficult circumstances experienced by the country and praised the efforts of the education office and local organizations for the success of the campaign.

Director of the Education office in the province Dr. Fouad Al-samet stressed the need to combaine efforts and redouble to push our students to return to school,as the Office has prepared an integrated plan for this campaign ..

In turn T. Muneer Hamid Saif, General Director Salah Directorate, congratulated the excellent students and blessed them. He also stressed the role of the official bodies, local organizations and institutions in supporting the educational process and the campaign to return to school and push students towards continuing education.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony came several days open for these students and the participation of 20 children of cancer patients, including students, in coordination with team of together to talent and wonderful paragraphs that they participated during the ceremony and the open day as psychological support for these students ..

Many guests and parents participated in the ceremony.

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