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Taiz..Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf implements the maintenance and rehabilitation of a well around the tree

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Sunday, October 13

Funded by mercy relief _ Britain .Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf implements the project of rehabilitation and maintenance of a well around the tree in Al-Mudhaffar directorate.Taiz after stopping for a month due to pump malfunctions, causing severe suffering to the population in access to water.
More than 30,000 people benefit from this well in Al-Aghinat neighborhoods, Al-Qurashi, Al-Musalla, Bab Musa, Al-Nasiriyah upper, middle and lower

Its worth mentioning that there are many wells inside the city need maintenance and rehabilitation in order to pump water to the population and cover the large deficit, which was caused by the occurrence of water basins that were feeding the city outside the framework of the conflict.

The project is part of t he Foundation’s water and environmental sanitation sector, which aims to provide water to the most affected people.

Taiz..Ma’akum Developmental Foundation MDF
One hand is building..the other is relieving.

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