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Taiz .. Chairman of MDF visits My profession is in my hand3 programs

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Thursday 24 October 2019

Taiz .. Chairman of MDF visits My profession is in my hand3 programs

As part of the Foundation’s early recovery sector programs and a series of field visits to My profession is my hand3 Program , Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Yousifi, Chairman of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF), on Thursday 24/10/2019, accompanied by the Program Committee, visited the trainees.
During the visit, the President of the Foundation met the trainees in the presence of all the trainers of the program where they were listening to their observations and training needs that enable them to go out to the market and open their own projects
In the meeting, the President of the Foundation motivated the trainees to acquire the skill of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in the labor market, in order to know what they have acquired his training and life skills during the program period and the remaining training and life skills to help them open their future projects and support their families.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Abdulhameed Al-Yousifi thanked the training staff for their outstanding efforts and thanked the supporters of this program, which contributes significantly to achieving sustainable development.

The students and trainers thanked MDF
The establishment of this program distinct, districts rare and first in the province of Taiz.

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