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Taiz .. A delegation from the official authorities on a visit to My profession is in my hand 3program.

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Tuesday 5 November 2019

A delegation of official authorities today visited some of the training sections of My profession is in my hand 3 Program , Early Recovery Sector.

The delegation included Mr. Nabil Jamel, General Director of the Office of Planning and International Cooperation, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah, Executive Director of the Sub-Committee for Relief, and Mr. Najib Qahtan, General Director of the Information Office, accompanied by the President of the Foundation, Dr. Abdul Hamid Saif.
During the visit, the delegation was briefed on the training accomplished so far in the field of sewing and embroidery, the field of hairdressing and the professionalism of food

the deligation also reviewed a summary of the procedures of admission, registration and implementation phases.

The Director of the Planning Office, Mr. Nabil Jamil, praised the tremendous efforts exerted by Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF) in Taiz, both in relief and development, especially in these exceptional circumstances that the governorate of Taiz and Yemen are going through.

For his part, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah, Executive Director of the Sub-Committee for Relief stressed the importance of these development programs that contribute to reduce unemployment

General director of the Information Office, Mr. Najib Qahtan, praised the excellence of the Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf projects and programs that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in society ..

In turn, the President of the Foundation stressed that the Foundation is paying great attention to the rehabilitation of women and youth to the labor market and transfer them from the need to production through rehabilitation and training programs and provide the necessary support for trainees to exit the labor market with high efficiency, calling on all parties and charities to absorb these and support them to open their own projects within Rizk microfinance program of the Foundation.

the trainees expressed their thanks to the Foundation and the guests from the official authorities for their motivational visit in these circumstances.

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