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Taiz Within its vision of sustainable solutions to the water crisis in Taiz .. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation(MDF) implements the maintenance and rehabilitation of the Montazah well

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Saturday, November 30
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF) inaugurated on Saturday 30 November 2019. Rehabilitation of Al-Montazah well in Al-masbah Kahira directorate of Taiz city funded by Mercy Relief and implementation of Ma’akum Foundation.
This project comes in response to the call of the water and sanitation foundation in the province and calls from the beneficiaries residents of this well, which has been stalled for months.
Benefiting from this well more than (10) thousand people in the neighborhoods of Al-Masbah – Al-Noor and Al-Salakhana _ Badr _ Al-Asad _ Lower Darbah_ Upper Darbah _ Al-Maqatira _ Akmat Balqis _ Al-Shormani _ Al-Salam Al-Daqaf _ Kahira directorate and parts of Al-Mudaffar directorate ..

This project is part of the efforts of the water and environmental sanitation sector in the foundation and the Foundation’s goal is to revive some service foundations and rehabilitation of their capabilities to protect the population .. Mr. Yasser Al Al-oshari, Coordinator of (WASH) sector
The project is part of the foundation’s plan to find sustainable solutions to water crisis throught rehabilitation of water wells and linking them to the main network as better solutions quantity and quality..some of water supply projects through tankers carried out by some organizations and stop suddenly because of the end of funding. Noting that the amounts spent to provide some neighborhoods of the city through private tankers can collectively rehabilitate the public water network and progress steps towards a permanent solution to the water problem in the city.

Its worth mentioning that the Foundation has rehabilitated dozens of wells in the city and plans to rehabilitate three more wells in the next phase in coordination with the Water Foundation and Local Authority.
Al-oshari thanked Mercy Relief that initiated this work and responded to the calls of the population, as well as to Mr. Samir Abdel Wahed, director of the Water Foundation for his cooperation with the Foundation. called on all organizations to intervene in the rehabilitation of the stalled wells to promote sustainable solutions and shift towards early refreshement ,which aims to rehabilitate the capabilities of service foundations, including Water and sanitation foundation in the governorate, especially the directorates of the city, which has been experiencing a severe water crisis for years.

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