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Taiz .. World Day for Special Needs December 3rd.  Ma’akum Developmental Foundation MDF commemorates the event with children with autism at Al-Amal Center for Autism in Taiz.

Funded by Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF)Hope Center for Autism in Taiz has celebrated the international day of special needs 3rd of December 2019 with a celebration at the temporary center of Al-Haseb ..
The celebration included a variety programs as psychological support for this category, including distributing of gifts for children with autism in the center.
In recognition of MDF to the efforts of the management of the center and teachers, it distributed aid to the workers in the center.
It is worth mentioning that the Foundation gives this center and other centers for people with special needs, such as people with mobility disabilities, the blind and others, most of its attention from the beginning of events and targeting them within its
Mrs.Amal Al-saqqaf director of the autism center, thanked MDF for its constant interest in the center and its staff.
She also presented a certificate of thanks to MDF in recognition of its continuous efforts in supporting the center since its reopening in the temporary building of Al-Muddafar directorate

It is worth mentioning that the world celebrates in December 3rd of each year the International Day of special needs .

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