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Taiz .. Towards a partnership to enhance the sustainability of public services .. The general director of Water and Sewerage foundation Visits Ma’akum developmental Foundation (MDF)

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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Today, Tuesday, December 10, 2019, Dr. Abdul Hamid Saif, head of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF), received Mr. Samir Abdul Wahid, general director of Water foundation in Taiz , and the accompanying delegation in Ma’akum Foundation.

During the meeting, they discussed the emergency needs of water in Taiz Governorate and the interventions made by MDF Foundation in this field during the past few days.

The general director of Water Foundation, Brother Samir Abdel Wahid, expressed the willingness of the Water Foundation to cooperate and overcome all difficulties in order to alleviate the suffering of the population in the water field. Appreciating the efforts made by MDF in the field of sustainable projects and reviving and rehabilitating service institutions in order to restore service, especially in the water field.

During the meeting ways to improve the performance of wells that were rehabilitated and work out mechanisms to include the service were discussed in all beneficiary neighborhoods and the role of MDF in providing all the needs that enhance this trend.

It is worth noting that during the past few weeks MDF has rehabilitated and maintained a well around the tree and rehabilitated and maintained Al- Montazah well, which benefits more than (40) thousand people, and the foundation is preparing to rehabilitate and maintain the Jannat well in Al-Muddafar and Senah directorate – during the coming days ..

The Foundation’s chairman of MDF thanked the general director of Water foundation for this visit, which strengthens the partnership between the official authorities and civil society. Stressing that such development projects contribute directly to restoring the life of the city and enhancing the sustainability of public services in general.

The meeting was attended by Eng. Watbeq Abdul-Mawla, the production director, Engineer Ali Abdo Saeed, the deputy of the general director, Mr. Fathi Abdulaziz, former administrative director, and Mr. Rashad Sultan Emad, director of the planning department.

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