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Taiz .. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf launches a project to rehabilitate Nabie Alma’a in Al-Haqer zone Al-Mudhafar district ..

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Monday 2 March 2020

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf inaugurated project for the rehabilitation of Nabie Alma’a Al-Haqer region in Al-Mudhafar district ..

The project includes the supply and installation of a network for the delivery of water from the source in the mountain and its delivery to the Al-Haqer region, and then the delivery of water to homes in addition to installing two assembly tanks for general distribution ..

This project comes in response to the distress calls made by the residents to alleviate their suffering ..
As this project (2000) people from the population living in Al-Haqer district benefit from this project.

Mr Yasser Al-Oshari, WASH Sector Officer at mdf, confirmed that the project comes within the vision of the institution that started with it a year ago and aimed at finding sustainable solutions to the water crisis in the city of Taiz in general.

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