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Taiz .. Within its programs to combat the Corona virus Ma’akum developmental foundation mdf signs a cooperation agreement with Al jomhori Hospital ..

Taiz ..
Within its programs to combat the Corona virus
Ma’akum developmental foundation mdf signs a cooperation agreement with Al jomhori Hospital .

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Tuesday 9 June 2020

As part of its continuous efforts to address the threat of the emerging coronavirus (COVID19), today Ma’akum developmental foundation mdf signed a cooperation agreement with the administration of Al jomhori Hospital in Taiz.

It is worth mentioning that the health sector management has made many visits to the hospital to identify the most important needs and ways of cooperation between the institution and the hospital, and to determine the urgent needs of the hospital’s health isolation center.

According to this agreement signed today, the Foundation will provide the Corona Patient Health Center with a blood gas testing device (ABG) as well as open a free pharmacy for new Coronavirus patients, COVID19, to alleviate the suffering of patients who are unable in these circumstances to save the cost of examinations and medicines.

The agreement was signed by Mr Yasser Al-Fetini, Executive Director of mdf Foundation, and by Director General of the Al jomhori hospital, Dr. Nashwan Al-Hussami ..

Preparations are underway to open
the free pharmacy for COVID19 patients and the delivery of the ABG device to the hospital in order for the patients to obtain free medical services, which contributes to enhancing the service of the center and providing better service to patients in these difficult circumstances.

For his part, head of the foundation expressed extended his sincere thanks to the philanthropists who responded to the call of humanitarian and fraternal duty in adopting the project, as well as the hospital administration that cooperated and facilitated to achieve this agreement and all the doctors and workers in the isolation center who sacrifice their lives in order to save the lives of dozens of patients.

The signing of this agreement comes in light of the deteriorating health conditions in Taiz governorate and the widespread and dangerous spread of the new Corona virus COVID19 among the population, which has killed dozens during the past few weeks.

In this regard, mdf Foundation appeals to all organizations and benevolent people to support such projects to save the lives of patients who arrive at hospitals in light of poor services and the absence of the health structure in the governorate. The Foundation extends its hand to all benevolent people to receive any support in favor of this project to ensure its continuation until this epidemic ends,
insha allah

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