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Taiz .. Mercy Relief British Foundation opens a free pharmacy for epidemiology and fevers at Al Ta’awun Hospital ..

Taiz ..
Mercy Relief British Foundation opens a free pharmacy for epidemiology and fevers at Al Ta’awun Hospital .

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Monday 13 July 2020

In the presence of the local authority represented by the Provincial Health Affairs Agency
D.Elan Abdel-Haq In response to the appeals of residents of Taiz governorate that are suffering from an outbreak of the Corona virus, fever and other epidemics, a free pharmacy was opened today, which will provide medicines free to patients who are unable to purchase medicines in Taiz, where an agreement has been signed between the hospital management represented by Dr. Habib Bajash, Director General of Al Ta’awun Hospital and Ma’akum Development Foundation mdf as a local partner of Mercy Relief Foundation in Yemen ..

This project comes in coordination with the local authority, the emergency committee, and the provincial planning office ..and within the framework of the efforts made by Mercy Relief in many areas of Yemen and within many projects that were submitted to confront the risk of infection with the COVED19 virus, as well as fevers and epidemics that claim hundreds of lives, as well as its role in the rehabilitation of the sector Health and the resumption of its service role ..

According to this agreement, patients will be able to obtain all medicines from the free pharmacy according to a recommendation from the specialized doctors in the hospital, according to precise mechanisms under the supervision of the institution and in coordination with the hospital administration.

This project is one of the Foundation’s programs aimed at alleviating the suffering of febrile patients in the governorate under difficult economic and living conditions in which patients are unable to save the cost of medicine.

In turn, she praised D.Elan Abdel-Haq, Undersecretary for Health Affairs with the efforts of the (Mercy Relief) Foundation in supporting the health sector in the governorate … Habib Bajash thanks Mercy Relief Foundation for this initiative and its role in confronting the COVID19 virus and supporting the health sector with medical equipment and supplies and its effect in alleviating the suffering of patients under the exceptional circumstances in Yemen.

It is worth noting that Mercy Relief Foundation previously supported the Health Insulation Center for COVID19 patients with the AGB Blood Gas Monitor in Al-Jumhori Hospital in Taiz, which had a great impact in facing the effects of the virus and treating patients in the governorate.

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