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Taiz .. MDF Foundation launches the return to school campaign ..

Taiz .. MDF Foundation launches the return to school campaign .

The education sector at MDF started today Saturday, 29 August 2020, the campaign of returning to school in Garden City.

At the festival, MDF distributed the school bag with its full content to students who lost their parents from different school levels to 180 (male & female students).

The festival also included many creative and cultural items.

In the Foundation’s speech, A. Ashjan Al-Faqih, congratulated the students’ academic excellence despite all the difficult circumstances the country is experiencing and the dangers of the Coronavirus that stopped the educational process.
She also thanked the Office of Education for their continued efforts in normalizing and restoring educational life.

In his speech, the Director of the Education Office, AbdulWase Shadid expressed his thanks to MDF and said” MDF is always initiative and it has many contributions throughout the year, especially with voluntary teachers.”

The first step is to improve the quality of the education system and to increase the quality of the education system.

The government has also been working to improve the quality of education and to address the risk of student drop-outs.
The event was followed by an open day for students who lost their families. There were many activities, games, and psychological support programs.

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