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Taiz … under the slogan Towards a healthy and clean school environment … Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf launches the school sterilization project …

In coordination with the Education Office and the governorate health office, Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf launches a campaign to spray and sterilize schools in Al Qaheria directorate, as part of the activities of the health and education sectors of the institution and based on its humanitarian responsibility and within 2020 humanitarian response plan to provide a healthy and clean educational environment in conjunction with the return of students to schools after stopping the educational process due to the Corona pandemic.

The campaign aims to contribute supporting precautionary and preventive measures for students and teachers from the risk of infection with viruses and fevers spread in the city, through a campaign of spraying and sterilizing schools in Al Qaheria directorate and a cleaning campaign with the participation of students and the school community and the interaction of the surrounding community and relevant authorities.

More than 5750 male and female students benefit from this campaign, in addition to the educational and administrative staff in the targeted schools and the surrounding community.

During the inauguration, today at Al Hamzah Model School, Mr. Abdulwasea Shaddad thanked the director of the Education Office in the governorate with Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf for this great gesture at this time and all its tremendous efforts in the health and education sectors in Taiz Governorate, especially in light of these difficult circumstances and with the spread of epidemics in the communit .He called upon all organizations to pay more attention to the education and health sectors in the afflicted Taiz governorate.

The inauguration was attended by Mr. Abdel Wassa Shaddad, Director General of the Education Office, Mr Abdul Malik, Secretary- General of Al Qaheria directorate, Mahmoud Abdul Qader, director of the Education Office in the Directorate, and Mr Najeeb Sharaf, the Education Sector Coordinator at Ma’akum Development Foundation.

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