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Taiz .. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf conducts preliminary interviews for candidates for Teach Me a Profession program.

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf on, Tuesday, September 29, 2020, conducting preliminary interviews for the candidates for Teach Me a Profession program, the number reached to (1213) after the initial electronic screening.
Teach Me a profession program comes within the programs and activities of the early recovery sector in the institution, which aims to provide the trainees with the necessary professions, graduate them to the labor market and shift from need to production.
Candidates for the program compete in five majors:
Diploma in sewing and embroidery
Diploma in Smartphone Programming and Maintenance
Diploma in electrical wiring and solar energy
Graphics and montage diploma
Diploma in food industry professionalism.
The head of the institution’s early recovery sector expressed his surprise at the high turnout for the program, which means an increased need in society for young people wishing to go out to the labor market by acquiring professional skills that help them earn money through the most skilled trainers and during a suitable period of time.
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