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Signing an agreement between .. Selah Foundation for Development and Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf

Today in Al Mukalla, a partnership agreement was signed between Selah Foundation for Development and Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf regarding My Career in My Hand 4 program funded by Sela Foundation for Development for the fourth year in a row and implemented by mdf foundation in Taiz Governorate.
My profession is in my hands program is among the most important development projects that provide graduates with opportunities to qualify for the labor market and provide them with a profession that moves them from need to production.
This project comes within several programs adopted by Selah Foundation for Development in most governorates of the Republic.
Dr. Abdul Hamid Saif, Chairman of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf, with sincere thanks and gratitude for the leadership of Selah Foundation and all its employees for their valuable efforts and effective partnership in all development and relief fields.
The agreement was signed on behalf of Selah Foundation for Development, Mr. Khaled bin Shihab, director of the Community Development Department, and Mr. Riyad Ahmed Ali Saif, on behalf of Ma’akum development foundation mdf.
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf
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