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Taiz .. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf implements a project to maintain and rehabilitate a well in v Al Oshari village in Mawiyah

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Monday 12 October 2020
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf carried out a project to maintain and rehabilitate the well of Al-Oshari village, the isolation of Khadir Al-Buraihi, Mawiyah district in Taiz governorate, which was buried by the torrents several months ago and completely out of service.
The rehabilitation and maintenance work included rehabilitating the well, deepening it, and providing it with a pump running on the solar energy system.
More than (1080) thousand and eighty people benefit from this well in the village of AL Oshari and its neighboring in the area of ​​Khadir Al-Buraihi, Mawiya district, east of Taiz.
It is worth noting that Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf has implemented rehabilitation and maintenance projects for many wells within the city of Taiz, and they pumped water to the beneficiaries of the population through the main network and under the supervision of the Water, Sanitation and Sanitation Corporation in the governorate.
This project comes within the efforts of the water and environmental sanitation sector in the foundation, which aims at a sustainable treatment of the water crisis in Taiz Governorate.
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