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Taiz .. Inauguration of Al-Amaker village water tank project … Al-Jundia with a capacity of 100,000 liters

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    Inauguration of Al-Amaker village water tank project … Al-Jundia with a capacity of 100,000 liter

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Friday 23 October 2020

As part of its vision for sustainable solutions to the water crisis in Taiz and in coordination with the local authority and water cluster in the governorate and within its programs compatible with the Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan 2020
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf has inaugurated a project to build a water reservoir in Al-Amaker village, Upper Al Jundia Al-Ta’iziyah Directorate. With generous funding from Abu Majed, may Allah protect him.

The reservoir accommodates 100,000 liters of water, and more than 4,385 families from the village of Al-Amaker and its surrounding villages and shops benefit from it.

Al-Amaker area has been suffering from severe water scarcity for years, and many video clips appeared on social media sites that embodied the residents’ suffering and the difficulty in obtaining water.

The project to build a land reservoir in the area as a sustainable project aims to alleviate the problem and respond to the calls of the area’s residents.

This project is among many projects implemented by the Foundation in the field of water, such as digging wells, rehabilitation, maintenance, and water distribution in affected and needy neighborhoods.

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