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For the fourth year in a row My profession is in my hands 4

With funding from Selah Foundation for Development, yesterday, Sunday, October 25, 2020, Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf implemented the second phase of My Profession in My Hand 4 Program in Taiz Governorate, which consisted of conducting a personal interview for 50 women who applied for the advanced sewing course.

Candidates will be selected for the course after the completion of the grading process and verification of conformity with the criteria and conditions of the course.

It is worth noting that this program, which is part of the Livelihoods Program and in its fourth edition for this year, included many developmental measures aimed at achieving effective empowerment of women in society and transforming them into production, the labor market, entrepreneurship, and contributing to community development.

This project is part of development and relief projects carried out by Selah Foundation in most governorates of the Republic.

The interviews were attended by the program coordinator, entrepreneurial skills trainer, the sewing trainer, the monitoring and evaluation officer and members of the committe .
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