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Taiz .. inauguration of my profession  in my hand 4 program .. Advanced sewing course funding by Saleh development Foundation and implementation of Ma’akum developmental  foundation mdf 

Media  Department | Special Saturday, October 31, 2020.

In the presence of the Director General of the Office of Social Affairs, Labor and Vice Director General of the Office of Technical Education and Vocational Training,

Ma’akum developmental foundation mdf on Saturday, the sewing course was held on Saturday, in the program of my profession  in my  hands 4 ..



This project comes for the fourth consecutive year with the support and financing of  Selah Foundation for Development as part of its development efforts aimed at empowering women and youth and providing them with skills that qualify them for the labor market, opening their own projects and transforming them from need to production.


This is the first course at the governorate level in the field of professional sewing, which includes a pre course in entrepreneurship and life skills for the trainees, and other programs that give an added value to the program this year in a way that enables trainees to exit the job market with merit.


At the inauguration ceremony, the General Director of Social Affairs and Labor thanked  Selah Foundation for its continuous efforts in supporting this program for the fourth year and for its excellence in performing its specific programs in the governorate.


The President of mdf  Foundation also welcomed all trainees on the first day of training, directing everyone to the necessity of active participation and practicing practical application

hoping that this batch will be a model for female entrepreneurs in the governorate in advance. Thanking the management of  Selah Foundation for Development and all its employees for the efforts that they  have given to the governorate in all fields.

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