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Taiz .. mdf continues to implement a program that teach  me a profession for (200) male and female trainees.

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Monday, December 7, 2020

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation, mdf, in the early recovery sector, continues to implement a program that taught me a profession by training women and youth in teach me me   a profession that suits their preferences and capabilities

The program includes (6) areas

Which :

1 / Graphics and montage

2 / Electrical wiring

3 / Sewing and embroidery

4 / Professionalization of food industries

5 / Maintenance and programming of smart phones.

6 / International Computer Driving License

This program aims to provide the trainee with technical and craftsmanship skills that qualify him for the labor market, open his own project, and transform it from need to production.

The program targets unemployed youth as well as girls and mothers who have a desire to work and become self-reliant.

The head of the  foundation  Dr.  Abdul Hamid Al-Yousifi emphasized that the program aims to provide these targeted people with professional skills that enable them to earn and qualify them for the labor market and contribute to promote sustainable development and rely on earnings through work and production, stressing that there are dozens of young men and women from the Foundation’s graduates in the previous three years who today are supporting their families and they have their own income-generating projects.


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