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Taiz … 700 operations are targeted. In the presence of the governor of the governorate and funding by Bazara Development Charitable Foundation, Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf, in partnership with Al Jomhori Hospital, is launching the free surgical medical camp of Bazara.

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Sunday 12/20/2020
In the presence of Mr. Nabil Shamsan, Governor of Taiz Governorate, today Ma’akum Developmental Foundation, mdf, in partnership with AlJomhori Hospital in Taiz, launched the free surgical medical camp in Bazara under the supervision of a group of consultants and specialists.
The camp aims to alleviate the suffering of patients in Taiz Governorate, in light of these difficult circumstances.
The camp receives patients from all directorates of Taiz city.
The camp includes (700) operations distributed into three specialties: eyes (cataract), ear, nose and throat, and specialized operations for women.
The beneficiaries are selected according to precise technical and administrative procedures performed by doctors and specialists in the hospital, starting with the initial registration of patients, then the examination and diagnosis phase, and then selecting the patients who need operations.
The Governor of Taiz Governorate, Mr. Nabil Shamsan, thanked Bazara Development Foundation for funding this medical camp, which relieves much of the suffering of the population, calling for support for the cardiac catheterization department, which represents an urgent need for the residents of the governorate.
In turn, Dr. Rajeh Al-Maliki, Director General of the Health Bureau, praised the efforts of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation, mdf and Al Jomhori Hospital administration in alleviating the suffering of patients. He also thanked Bazraa Foundation for its humanitarian gesture through financing this free medical camp.
Dr. Nashwan Al-Husami, Director General of Al Jomhori hospital, stated that this camp came at its time, since there are so many cases of patients who cannot pay the costs of the operation nor buy medicines in advance. mdf which took the lead in supporting the hospital.
The inauguration was attended by the Director General of the Health Bureau, Dr. Rajeh Al-Maleky, the General Director of the Republic Hospital, Dr. Nashwan Al-Husami, and the President of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Yousifi and the Project Committee.
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