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.mdf launches the Rizk Microfinance Project.
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf launched yesterday, at the Foundation’s headquarters, Rizk Microfinance Program … by signing support contracts for (32) projects whose support has been approved to open the door to livelihood for youth and women whose families are the main supporters.
The President of the Foundation, Dr. Abdul Hamid Hamid confirmed that the Foundation will purchase equipment, supplies and materials that will be delivered to the beneficiary with what secures him to open his own project and start managing his work to gain livelihood and self-reliance, stressing the importance of such income-generating projects in promoting sustainable development in society.
The projects include grocery stores, vegetable stalls, sewing laboratories, photography and media services, in addition to motorcycle engineering and maintenance workshops.
The selection was made according to a field study and careful verification according to the program’s criteria.
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf
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Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf is a non-governmental, non-profit, relief and development foundation, established on January 29, 2017, and it works in six sectors: Education, Health, WASH, Protection, Shelter, and Food Security and Livelihood. It has extensive relations with the official bodies, clusters and working Organizations. And all groups and segments of society benefit from its projects.
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