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Taiz .. mdf Foundation continues its emergency interventions in 2022 in Mawza District

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Within its interventions against the new waves of displacement due to the escalation of the conflict in Taiz Governorate and the western coast, and in coordination with the local authorities, shelter sector and OCHA office in Al-Turbah.. #Ma’akum_Developmental_Foundation_mdf continued its urgent projects in Mawza district
through lighting Al- Buhiri camp by the solar power system to the IDPs in Al-Buhiri camp, Al-Oshaqa’a area, Mawza district, Taiz city.


(59) displaced families in Al-Buhairi camp has benefited from this project

The project aims to secure the IDPs inside the camp and enhance the
resilience in the Yemeni countryside and in the most vulnerable areas in need of low-cost energy sources, as well as giving the displaced the ability to manage their lives.

While there are still 8 displacement camps that need a lighting project, we wish all organizations to support this qualitative project.

The project includes the supplying, installation and distribution of batteries and solar panels, connecting networks, and installing lamps and switches inside the tents and the camp in general, in order to provide adequate lighting for the camp residents.

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