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A collective wedding for 40 brides and grooms of war injured amputees

On Saturday, 04/02/2017,Moath developmental foundation organized a collective wedding for 40 brides and grooms. Which targeted war injured, amputees, of special needs, or those who lost their sight during the war.

Collective wedding ceremony took place in the presence of a big crowd to celebrate grooms on Jamal street, in the heart of Taiz city.

This ceremony has been funded by a benefactor. It also was done incoordination with Care developmental foundation and Moath developmental foundation, a member of relief humanitarian accord.

Mr. Abdulhameed Saif, the president of Moath developmental foundation has asserted that this wedding ceremony aims to support injured socially and psychologically in order to involve them in development and construction to lead their lives normally and overcome the disabilities that happened to them due to war.

This wedding ceremony is the first stage and another one will take place till the completion of joining the injured in marriage, because there are more than 176 injured waiting a generous support.

To complete the rituals of joining them in marriage in next stage.

Mrs. Hayat Al-noaman, the member of Omana’a council in Moath developmental foundation has assured that this ceremony is playing a role in cheering this group of people to overcome their disability and encourage them to lead a decent life and as a mark of appreciation to lighten their sufferings in these bad living conditions.

The wedding ceremony was intervened by a mass wedding procession, also included cheers, songs, folk dances, poetical operetta, and a report that clarified all the preparations during the past three months.

Mr. Essam Al-tamimi, the manager of Care developmental foundation has asserted that the selection of has been done through precise criteria such as, degree of disability and has to be war injured.

Bridegroom/ Ahmed in a speech on behalf of all wounded grooms expressed his happiness with the unexpected marriage in this difficult situation. Thanking the benefactor for his generosity. Also, stressing on motivating him to join the rest of war injured in marriage. To make everyone happy, because from the depths of adversity, happiness comes to make us forget all injuries.

The president of of the foundation has pointed out that happiness is not only for bridegrooms, but for all the people of Taiz city, and created an atmosphere of happiness all over the governorate.

This ceremony is considered the first ever in Yemen for it is targeting war injured leg amputees and it is considered a specific project that not many have paid attention to.

Thousands of citizens have attended this festival led by representatives of official bodies, teachers of universities, presidents of civil society organization, fathers, mothers and relatives of the bridegrooms in a majestic crowd that the city has never witnessed on such occasions.

.. Moath developmental Foundation ..
..Sept 7/5/1438
February 4th, 2017 ..

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