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MDF supports it at the Republican Hospital in Taiz.


After the dialysis center was to close and expose (122) patient to death, MDF supports it at the Republican Hospital in Taiz.

A distress call was launched by kidney dialysis patients at the Republican Hospital in Taiz through MDF ( Maakum for Development Foundation) after the center’s station was threatened with interruption.

Only 10 hours, after the distress call had been launched, the benefactors responded to MDF Foundation.
On Thursday 22nd of March 2018, the supply and installation of the renal dialysis filters were imported and fixed by three benefactors.

Dr. Essam Mahyoub Dahhan, Director of the Renal Dialysis Center at the Republican Hospital expressed his thanks to Maakum Foundation MDF and to the benefactors for their efforts and initiative to support the Center’s laundry center with filters and to rescue the center patients life (122).

It noteworthy that Maakum Foundation MDF had inaugurated Oman’a house last month to accommodate patients with renal failure with capacity of 30 patients ( men & women) who come from areas far from the laundry center and were staying in the streets.

MDF ( Maakum for Development Foundation).

One hand constructs while the other hand helps

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