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Maakum Developmental Foundation MDF imports two medical appliances for the field hospital in the eastern area of the city


Within the sustainable and developmental programs to rehabilitate the city hospitals that have been stopped for years due to the war and their equipments have been destroyed and ravished ….Maakum Developmental Foundation MDF has imported two medical appliances for the field hospital in the eastern area of the city.

These appliances are going to contribute in rehabilitating the hospital and benefit the wounded and the sick who attend the hospital.

The appliances are :

1- a blood test appliance (sysmex XP- 300 , Japanese )

2- an eye computer ( KERATOME model RMK200)

On his part, the manager of the hospital, who is ,also, the manager of the military hospital, ensured that most, if not all, the hospital inmates will get benefit from these appliances. They are going to reduce the suffering of the wounded and the sick.

This project is generously funded by Al-Qulub Al-Baydha’a ( the White Hearts – Egypt) , supervision by the Global Organization for Relief_ Turkey ( YARD) , implemented by Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) _ Taiz

This project has been received with great satisfaction by the wounded and the sick who attend the hospital…

MDF intends to carry out several medical projects in order to rehabilitate the hospitals and return the medical life into the city.

In this regard, MDF calls for all the organizations and benefactors to support such sustainable and developmental projects which contribute in serving citizens and not to focus just on relief projects.

Maakum development foundation MDF…. One hand builds; another relieves.

Mu’adh Development Foundation  Taiz – Jamal Street – opposite the Yemeni Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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