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As a first humanitarian initiative from a thoughtful doctor 30 surgeries were performed for orphans for free


Yemen-Taiz city




Sponsored by Moath Developmental Foundation, Dr. Almasani has performed 30 surgeries of tonsillectomy for orphans for free.


Under the banner of ( honoring them is loyalty)

Care and stabilization section at Moath Developmental Foundation finished,today, Thursday 22nd of Ramadan 1439 AH the first phase of health project where 30 orphans benefited from the project in its first phase.


It included doing the required tests for the benefits and having the surgery of tonsillectomy performed for them.


This comes within a project of comprehensive care that’s being implemented by the Foundation and generously funded by Dr. Abdulghani Almasani, Allah protect him.


Families of orphans expressed their thanks and gratitude for Dr. Almasani who performed these free surgeries in his own clinic and to Moath Developmental Foundation for this kind gesture to take care of its children who are suffering continuously.


Supervisor of care anf stabilization section at the Foundation/ Ashgan Alfaqeeh sent her thanks to Dr.Almasani for his generous gesture.

Assuring that this campaign will continue and coordination is in process to target more of orphans according to plan of the project to target 100 orphans of both genders.


Thanks to the thoughtful Dr.Abdulmghani Almasani


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