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Taiz .. funded by Salah Foundation.. MDF implements the project of maintaining and rehabilitating Wadi Al – Madam water well

In the view of its strategic vision towards sustainable development,   Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) implemented the project ” Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Wadi Al-Madam’s  Water Well” , in  Al-Qahirah Directorate.

This well  has been  suspended due to breakdowns in the pumps and damages of the pipes.

It is worth mentioning that this well, which MDF started to maintain and rehabilitate   will be linked to the main network of The Local Institution for Water and Sanitation, after finishing  the maintenance process ..


This  project will benefit thousands of people living in the overcrowded neighborhoods in the area of the project, who suffer from severe water scarcity and difficulty of getting water.


Mr. Yasser Futeini, Executive Director of MDF, assured  that the rehabilitation and maintenance of Taiz wells is one of the development projects that the Foundation pays attention to as it enhances the strategy of solving the root causes of water shortage problem   instead of providing people with water through water tanks as wells  will benefit  people in the long term in terms of  quantity, quality and sustainability,


The Engineer , Badri Al-Ibbi, supervisor of the project,  expressed his thanks to Silah Foundation for   funding and supporting  developmental and relief projects in Taiz governorate, which contributed to alleviating the suffering of people , particularly,  such broken  wells while people suffer from  severe water need.


This project comes within  a series of programs and efforts that Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) pays special attention to in order to  alleviating the suffering of people in the city.

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