Taiz .. MDF distributes 85 food baskets to needy and destitute families

Maakum  Development Foundation (MDF) has implemented the project of distributing food baskets  to a number of families within Qahirah Directorate in Taiz city.


The project targeted (85) families from those  poor and needy ones , particularly , those who never ask others for anything.


This comes within the relief efforts of   MDF to reduce the suffering of people  in the besieged city – Taiz.


Thanks are to the benefactors ; the women  who  have supported this project and to the woman who has the main role  and  great efforts in the project  ; we pray to  Allah to protect her  and to bless  her  age, money and children .. and we ask Allah  to give  everyone so much from His  Great Bestowing.

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