Taiz .. MDF organizes  a training course in “The Art of Marketing” for the trainees of the program “My Job is Between My Hands ( 2)”

MDF organizes a training course for students who joined  the program “My Job is Between My Hands ( 2)”


The Department of Empowerment at the Foundation finalized  a training course titled:

“The Art of Marketing” which  was attended by 43 trainees from both sexes  ..


This comes as part of a series of development courses presented  by the department to the trainees in the program “My Job is Between My Hands ( 2)” which targeted  43 trainees from both sexes.


The program aims to  train and qualify (43) trainees for the labor market in four domains:

  1. Sewing and needlework
  2. Sound engineering and radio production
  3. Electrical wiring
  4. Motorcycle Maintenance


These  courses aims  to enhance the abilities of students participating in the program “My Job is Between My Hands ( 2)”..


The courses  also aim to  form  a knowledge and skill aspect for them, which contributes to achieving the objectives of the program in providing the trainees with skills that qualify them for the labor market and move them from the need to production … and helping them to open their own projects.


The trainees expressed their thanks to Selah Foundation for Development, which  sponsored  the program and to MDF which implemented  it.

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