Yemen – Taiz .. Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) implements educational programs for martyrs’ families

Within  the educational programs for martyrs’ families, Social Care Department in Maakum  Development Foundation (MDF), implemented  educational lesson about  the Hegira (the Prophet’s migration -peace be upon him- from Makkah to Madinah)  and about the day of Ashura ( the 10th day of the 1st month in the Hegira year ( Muharram month), where teacher  Afaf Al-Wajih  talked about  the Prophet’s migration (peace be upon him)  and about its importance  and how the migration was the beginning of spreading the values of Islam.

She  also talked about the merits of the Haram Months and the merits of fasting the Day of Ashura.


In addition , the seasonal sponsors ( sum of money) have also been distributed to orphans and families who are sponsored by benefactors.


The program targeted  30 families and 30 orphans (males and females).