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Dar Omana

Idea of Dar Oman:

The idea of Dar Omana has created to be a shelter for those who are stranded and living through time and disease..with us all the good to help patients kidney failure.

Our vision :

Provide distinguished social care for patients kidney failure.

Our Mission :

We are dedicated to provide a distinguished service and an appropriate healthy and psychological environment that preserves the dignity of the patients through a network of benefactors and supporters

Our Goals :

  1. Relieve the suffering of renal failure patients coming from far areas to the city’s hemodialysis center
  2. Achieving social care and psychological stability for patients with kidney failure
  3. Provide accommodation that protects the dignity and humanity of expatriates
  4. To cooperate with all organizations, bodies and the good to provide gracious care for the patients

Services :

  1. Safe and suitable housing
  2. Healthy Nutrition
  3. Psychosocial Support
  4. various activities and services
About Us
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf is a non-governmental, non-profit, relief and development foundation, established on January 29, 2017, and it works in six sectors: Education, Health, WASH, Protection, Shelter, and Food Security and Livelihood. It has extensive relations with the official bodies, clusters and working Organizations. And all groups and segments of society benefit from its projects.
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