Taiz .. Maakum Development Foundation (MDF) distributes school bags to orphans

As part of the projects implemented by the Social Care Department of Martyrs’ Families in Maakum  Development Foundation (MDF),( 50 ) school bags were distributed to orphans.   Where T.  Ashgan Al-Faqih, the caretaker in  the Foundation, made  visits to orphans in their homes . She  targeted the orphans who have joined schools , who […]

Taiz .. MDF distributes 85 food baskets to needy and destitute families

Maakum  Development Foundation (MDF) has implemented the project of distributing food baskets  to a number of families within Qahirah Directorate in Taiz city.   The project targeted (85) families from those  poor and needy ones , particularly , those who never ask others for anything.   This comes within the relief efforts of   MDF to […]

Taiz .. MDF adopts the project “distributing babies’ milk to the babies in the families who have lost their breadwinners and to disabled children and some children of poor and needy families

Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) has implemented the project “distributing  babies’ milk   to the babies in the  families who have  lost their breadwinners  and to  disabled children and some children of poor and   needy   families in Taiz.   The project targeted  276 children.   This comes within the framework of the relief efforts of   MDF to […]

Taiz .. Psychological support program for the residents in DAR OMANA’A (Trustees’ House ) for accommodating renal failure patients and its workers

Within the framework of the activities and programs of Maakum Developmental Foundation MDF, the OMANA’A  House  for  accommodating  renal failure patients  in Taiz carried out  the psychological support program for October 2018 ..   The program targets  the renal failure patients staying in the house in addition to the staff of the house.   DAR […]

Taiz .. Maakum Developmental Foundation MDF organizes the tenth interactive development meeting for martyrs’ families ..

Under the slogan “Honoring Them is Fulfillment” and within the care projects in Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF), the Foundation has held the tenth interactive meeting for  the martyrs’ families within the Open Day for Orphans, which  included many cultural and entertainment events..   This  interactive meeting comes on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birth ( […]

Taiz .. MDF distributes charity meats to poor families

With generous funding from  Madad  Initiative – Egypt-  ,  Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) implemented  the project  “distributing  charity  meat ” ..   The project targeted  60 families from those  poor and needy ones focusing on those ones  who never ask others for money or food.   The project is part of   MDF relief efforts to […]

Taiz .. funded by a Benefactor .. MDF distributes (147) food baskets

With the support of Madad Initiative.. Egypt .. Maakum Developmental Foundation MDF implemented  the project of  distributing food baskets to poor and destitute families ,particularly , those who never ask others for money or food ..   The project targeted  (400) families from different areas within  the three directorates of the city ( Al-Mudhaffar- Al-Qahirah- […]

Taiz .. funded by Salah Foundation.. MDF implements the project of maintaining and rehabilitating Wadi Al – Madam water well

In the view of its strategic vision towards sustainable development,   Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) implemented the project ” Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Wadi Al-Madam’s  Water Well” , in  Al-Qahirah Directorate. This well  has been  suspended due to breakdowns in the pumps and damages of the pipes. It is worth mentioning that this well, which MDF […]

Tunisia.. President of Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) participates in the 11th. International Scientific Conference

Dr. Abdul Hameed Hameed, President of Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF), participated in the 11th International Scientific Conference …( Borders and Border Areas), organized by the Tunisian International Center for Research and Development and the Tunisian-Mediterranean Association for Social and Economic Studies, which was held in Tunisia  from 28 to 29 November.   Dr. Abdul Hameed […]

Taiz .. funded by female Benefactors .. MDF distributed (63) food baskets

Generously financed by female Benefactors _ we ask Allah to Save them _  Maakum Developmental Foundation  (MDF) in  Taiz implemented a project of distributing  food baskets  to  a number of orphans and widows’  families..   (63) families from those widows and orphans  who had  lost their breadwinners  benefited from this project .. These  families are […]