Within its vision to develop its institutional capabilities 2020 .. mdf organizes a series of courses and participatory activities for its employees

Taiz .. Within its vision to develop its institutional capabilities .. Ma’akam Developmental Foundation mdf concludes today, Thursday, December 26, 2019 a series of seminars that discussed the topic: institutional work in light of the variables between the local and international .. Which targeted the staff of the foundation over three days. These seminars will […]

Free professional diplomas in the following fields

Free professional diplomas in the following fields: -Sound engineering diploma, photography, and production -Sewing and embroidery diploma -Dioloma of electrical and solar energy maintenance -Motorcycle maintenance diploma -Information security -Installation and maintenance smartphones -Management of Internet WiFi -Diploma of coiffure -Diploma of food industries -Diploma of communications technician -Installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras Registration […]

A relief, Ramadani convoy was sent from Moath developmental foundation to displaced people of Makbana directorate

Yemen-Taiz city   Moath developmental foundation has sent a relief convoy included 500 Ramadani food baskets that targeted displaced and homeless people of Makbana directorate. The Ramadani relief convoy was funded by a patron of charity through the ambassador of charity\ Hayat Aldhobhani. Beneficiaries expressed their overwhelming happiness of this convoy that soothed their sufferings […]

Moath developmental foundation executes an urgent relief campaign for displaced people on Habashi mountain directorate

Yemen-Taiz city Moath developmental foundation MDF implemented a campaign to relieve displaced people in Bani Khawlan- Habashi mountain directorate in coordination with the local authority there. The campaign included the distribution of food baskets and financial assistance that targeted displaced families to soothe their sufferings from poverty, homelessness,and hunger due to war and confrontations in […]

Displaced people of Alwaziah a journey of constant suffering and bad humanitarian situation

Yemen- Taiz city. The forcibly displace people of Alwaziah. Forcibly displaced by hell of war.. Displaced people of Alwaziah are constantly suffering and in a miserable humanitarian situations. Share in supporting those before the disaster take place by Food baskets, accommodation bags, children clothes, children milk. Moath developmental foundation MDF A hand builds………another relieves