Taiz .. mdf implements a project to distribute infant formula.

Media department | Special Sunday, December 13, 2020 With funding from Nestlé in the Middle East, and in coordination with the Health Bureau and the relevant authorities, the protection sector in Ma’akum Developmental foundation mdf and the Yemeni Food Bank are implementing a project to distribute infant formula The project aims to distribute (7,200) kilograms […]

Taiz .. mdf completes the distribution of 1560 winter bags.

Media/ Special Saturday 25 January 2020 Within the efforts of the accommadation sector at Ma’akum Developmental Foundation , mdf, the winter bag distribution for the displaced and most vulnerable families was completed today. 1560 families in the directorates of Cairo, Al-Mudhafar, Salh Sabr Al-Mawadim and Al-Salu benefited from the project Mr Yasser Al-Fetini, executive manger […]

Within its vision to develop its institutional capabilities 2020 .. mdf organizes a series of courses and participatory activities for its employees

Taiz .. Within its vision to develop its institutional capabilities .. Ma’akam Developmental Foundation mdf concludes today, Thursday, December 26, 2019 a series of seminars that discussed the topic: institutional work in light of the variables between the local and international .. Which targeted the staff of the foundation over three days. These seminars will […]

Taiz .. World Day for Special Needs December 3rd.  Ma’akum Developmental Foundation MDF commemorates the event with children with autism at Al-Amal Center for Autism in Taiz.

Funded by Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF)Hope Center for Autism in Taiz has celebrated the international day of special needs 3rd of December 2019 with a celebration at the temporary center of Al-Haseb .. The celebration included a variety programs as psychological support for this category, including distributing of gifts for children with autism in the […]

Taiz Ma’akum Developmental Foundation MDF celebrates World Day against Violence against Women

In conjunction with the International Children’s Day and the International Day to Combat Violence against Women, the protection sector at Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF) holds an awareness-raising event for women aimed at creating a general awareness of the status of women and their means of representation in society. The event included psychosocial support programs for […]

Taiz : performing 30 free surgeries..

For the second consecutive year .. (MDF) Conducts 30 free tonsillectomy operations for children who lost their breadwinner due to the war (orphans) On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Ma’akum Development Foundation (MDF) concluded the health project for children who have lost their breadwinners due to the war. The program included thirty operations to remove the […]

Taiz.. mdf distributed fixed cash assistances

Taiz .. According to the emergency humanitarian response plan of OCHA for 2019 in Yemen ..The protection Sector in Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf distributed fixed cash assistances to(120) children and (38) families who lost their breadwinner (orphans – widows) on Saturday, 19 April , 2019. Taiz… As part of the Foundation’s efforts to mitigate the […]

Taiz .. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf implements psychological support program for children and families who have lost their breadwinner.

The protection sector in mdf  has implemented a psychosocial support program for women and provided child friendly spaces.The program has benefited 80 women and 100 children who lost their breadwinner. The Foundation’s open day in Garden City witnessed many recreational, creative and cultural activities aimed at alleviating the negative effects of the war and bringing […]

Taiz .. MDF distributes 85 food baskets to needy and destitute families

Maakum  Development Foundation (MDF) has implemented the project of distributing food baskets  to a number of families within Qahirah Directorate in Taiz city.   The project targeted (85) families from those  poor and needy ones , particularly , those who never ask others for anything.   This comes within the relief efforts of   MDF to […]

Taiz .. MDF adopts the project “distributing babies’ milk to the babies in the families who have lost their breadwinners and to disabled children and some children of poor and needy families

Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) has implemented the project “distributing  babies’ milk   to the babies in the  families who have  lost their breadwinners  and to  disabled children and some children of poor and   needy   families in Taiz.   The project targeted  276 children.   This comes within the framework of the relief efforts of   MDF to […]

Taiz .. MDF distributes charity meats to poor families

With generous funding from  Madad  Initiative – Egypt-  ,  Maakum Developmental Foundation (MDF) implemented  the project  “distributing  charity  meat ” ..   The project targeted  60 families from those  poor and needy ones focusing on those ones  who never ask others for money or food.   The project is part of   MDF relief efforts to […]

Taiz .. funded by a Benefactor .. MDF distributes (147) food baskets

With the support of Madad Initiative.. Egypt .. Maakum Developmental Foundation MDF implemented  the project of  distributing food baskets to poor and destitute families ,particularly , those who never ask others for money or food ..   The project targeted  (400) families from different areas within  the three directorates of the city ( Al-Mudhaffar- Al-Qahirah- […]

Taiz .. funded by female Benefactors .. MDF distributed (63) food baskets

Generously financed by female Benefactors _ we ask Allah to Save them _  Maakum Developmental Foundation  (MDF) in  Taiz implemented a project of distributing  food baskets  to  a number of orphans and widows’  families..   (63) families from those widows and orphans  who had  lost their breadwinners  benefited from this project .. These  families are […]

Within projects of Dhu Alhijja Moath Developmental Foundation implements a project of meat oblations distribution

Yemen-Taiz city Generously funded by some patrons of charity, Foundation, and humanitarian organization, Moath Developmental Foundation on the first day of greater bairam,Tuesday, 10th of Dhu AlHijja 1439 A.H implemented the project of meat oblations distribution with a quantity of 3000KGs of meat. 1500 families of poor, most needy,injured,Martyrs’ families and displaced people in Taiz […]

Moath Developmental Foundation implements Eid clothing project for Orphans

Yemen-Taiz city Generously funded by a benefactor, Moath Developmental Foundation implemented Eid clothing project for Orphans, Martyrs families, and the families that lost their breadwinners. 100 Orphans of both genders and from directorates have benefited from this project. This project comes within a group of projects that have been implemented during the ten days of […]

Generously funded by a benefactor Moath Developmental Foundation MDF implements a Financial assistance distribution project

Yemen-Taiz city Moath Developmental Foundation MDF implemented the project of Financial assistance distribution in Taiz city. Thanks was given to him from Taiz city for his nobel deed and this humanitarian gesture. Thanks for putting a smile and dispelling a grief. Thanks for soothing people’s sufferings. May Allah compensate you; benefactor. Moath developmental Foundation MDF […]

Support of charitable bakery by Moath developmental Foundation

Yemen-Taiz city Within the projects of the blessed ten days of Dhu Alhijja 1439 A.H, Moath Developmental Foundation has supported the charitable bakery for 6 days Which was funded by Oman’a Khadija Foundation. Hundreds of poor families daily benefit from this project in these circumstances of war that the city go through. It’s worth mentioning […]

Psychological support program for dialysis patient and workers at Oman’a accommodation

Yemen-Taiz city Within the activities and programs of Moath developmental Foundation, Oman’a for accommodating dialysis patients implemented the psychological support program. This program has targeted the patients and workers at Oamn’a accommodation. The accommodation aims through these programs to rise the patients’ spirits who are going through a deteriorated frame of mind due to dialysis […]

One Life Global Foundation aids Hodaida city with 315 Food baskets on 19 july 2018

Hodaiada .. Yemen Moath Developmental Foundation MDF implemented a project of distributing 315 food baskets that were generously funded by the One Life Global Foundation Which distributed to needy families in these areas : Durra, Burj, Salakhana, Shamsan, Zayed &, Alrabsa, This project comes within the brotherly and humanitarian support that Malasian people provide for […]

MDF implements the project of dates distribution 2

Yemen-Taiz city Maakum Development foundation (MDF) implemented the project of dates distribution 2 during the first half of the holy month of Ramadan The quantity distributed in the second phase (8) tons of dates (1000) cartons .. The project benefited (2000) two thousand families from the poor families and the families that affected by the […]

An eventful week at Amna’a accommodation for dialysis patients

Yemen-Taiz city   Amna’a accommodation for dialysis patients, which is a part Moath developmental foundation has witnessed diverse activities that started with a visit was paid by students of keeping holy Quran, listen to its guests of dialysis patients, giving them various gifts to express love and to soothe their sufferings. Management of the accommodation […]

Maakum Development foundation (MDF) distributes 250 food baskets

  Yemen-Taiz city Within the framework of Ramadan relief programs this year, the maakum Development foundation (MDF) yesterday Thursday implemented the project of distribution of food baskets. The project benefited ( 250 ) families . The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the Foundation and the benefactor who financed this project by the philanthropist” Abdurrahman mom […]

A relief, Ramadani convoy was sent from Moath developmental foundation to displaced people of Makbana directorate

Yemen-Taiz city   Moath developmental foundation has sent a relief convoy included 500 Ramadani food baskets that targeted displaced and homeless people of Makbana directorate. The Ramadani relief convoy was funded by a patron of charity through the ambassador of charity\ Hayat Aldhobhani. Beneficiaries expressed their overwhelming happiness of this convoy that soothed their sufferings […]

Moath developmental foundation implements financial assistance projects

Yemen-Taiz city   Within the projects of soothing sufferings that are being funded by a donor during Sh’aban. Moath developmental foundation today,Monday 7th of May/2018 implemented the project of financial assistance distribution in Taiz city. The project targeted the group of the blind who most suffer and in need of support due to the absence […]

Maakum foundation MDF relieves sala with ( 400 ) food baskets

Yemen-Taiz city MDF executed the project of distributing number of ( 400 ) food baskets in sala directorate and targeted the beggar families and most affected of war . The project aims to sooth the suffering of the people of directorate in this bad situation as most people live closeness from places of combating and […]

with a generous funding from Malaysian foundation Insan, Moath foundation distributes food baskets to war affected families

Yemen-Taiz city Moath developmental foundation MDF distributes food assistance. With the generous funding from a Malaysian donor through the Malaysian Foundation “Insan”, Moath developmental MDF foundation has distributed food assistance to 90 seriously war affected families for that Moath foundation makes great efforts to put the world in the picture about people’s sufferings in Taiz […]

Distribution of food baskets generously financed by a benefactor in Tihama directorate

Hodeidah .. Hodeidah-Tihama In response to the distress calls sent by the residents of Tihama, Moath Developmental Foundation has executed the project of Food baskets financed by a patron of charity. 88 needy and war affected families have benefited from this project, including the elderly and patients who lost every source of income in these […]

A collective wedding for 40 brides and grooms of war injured amputees

On Saturday, 04/02/2017,Moath developmental foundation organized a collective wedding for 40 brides and grooms. Which targeted war injured, amputees, of special needs, or those who lost their sight during the war. Collective wedding ceremony took place in the presence of a big crowd to celebrate grooms on Jamal street, in the heart of Taiz city. […]