Food Security Sector

This program aims to achieve food security to thousands of families and the most affected groups in the society and response to distress calls from people in the neediest places

Programs, Projects and Activities Food Security

  • Food baskets
  • Fruit dates
  • Hot meals ( iftar)
  • Bread
  • meat
  • Meat charity



Sector Activities

Within its Ramadan projects, Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf implements the food baskets distribution project in Aden governorate. The project has benefited (100) IDPs families from Al-Hudaydah Governorate.

Taiz ..  Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf carried out food convoy for 100 families from Wadi Al-Majza’a and Wadi Al-Masiwid in Lahjj governorate located in the new line of Taiz artery, which is part of its Ramadan relief projects.

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf seeks to pay the debts of those families needed for pharmacies and grocery stores within its projects in Ramadhan of every year.

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A head start in Islam is a honorable one … so how about if it is included in the fasting of those who are fasting .. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf contributes every year in distributing hot meals (iftar fasting people), including the generous and kind people. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf One hand builds… and the other relieves

The benefactors are eager to have Al Ajjer of those who are fasting through projects that distribute dates to poor families Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf seeks to be the messenger of the benefactors to the poor and needy.

Harvest 2020 .. Achievements in 7 sectors

Within its plan to support (6,260) families with Al-Adha meat, Taiz Governorate, for the year 1441.. mdf Development Foundation Inaugurates the sacrificial meat distribution project ..

Watch … a marketing project for the distribution of sacrificial meat 1441 AH _Yemen_Taiz_ Ma’akum Development Foundation mdf