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Health Sector

This field aims to provide emergency medical assistance to individuals, rehabilitate health facilities and support them with medicines, medical devices and supplies, and humanitarian intervention to protect children, women and the most vulnerable groups in society.

– (393,384) beneficiaries have benefited from these programs implemented by the Foundation since its establishment on February 29, 2017.

Among the programs, projects and activities of the health sector:

  • Free medical surgical camps.
  • Free pharmacies.
  • Emergency cash and food assistance for patients.
  • Providing hospitals with equipment.
  • Providing hospitals with oxygen tanks.
  • Combating epidemics and fevers (cholera – dengue – Chikungunya- ….
  • Health Awareness
  • Protection of Covid 19
  • Training medical staff



Sector Activities

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation MDF Implements the “Supply and installs filters at the Dialysis Station at the AlJomhory Hospital” Project.

Taiz..mdf responds to the distress call of the dialysis center at Al-Jomhori hospital..

Taiz.. Resuming the dispensing of heart and blood pressure medicines in the free pharmacy at Al-Taawun Hospital, which is funded by Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf, while continuing to dispense fever medicines..

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation`s efforts in pharmacy feld

Taiz.. the continuation of dispensing heart medications at the free pharmacy of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf in Al Taawun Hospital, which includes 37 items..

Taiz .. continuing the free pharmacy for Covid-19 patients

Taiz .. Dar Omana for Housing Renal Failure Patients is one of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation’s mdf projects , it opened on January 28, 2018. The house accommodates 30 patients with kidney failure patients coming from the countryside of Taiz. It provides patients with housing, nutrition and various psychosocial support services for nothing.

Taiz … As part of Health Sector efforts at Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf to confront COVID19 in Taiz, the health isolation center at Al -jomhori Hospital in Taiz has been supported with 20 oxygen cylinders Funded by a businessman from Taiz.

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf seeks to pay the debts of those families needed for pharmacies and grocery stores within its projects in Ramadhan of every year.

About Us
Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf is a non-governmental, non-profit, relief and development foundation, established on January 29, 2017, and it works in six sectors: Education, Health, WASH, Protection, Shelter, and Food Security and Livelihood. It has extensive relations with the official bodies, clusters and working Organizations. And all groups and segments of society benefit from its projects.
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