This area aims to provide emergency medical assistance to individuals and rehabilitate and support health facilities ,medicines , medical supplies , and humanitarian intervention to protect children ,women and the most vulnerable groups in society


(173,604) benefited from these programs implemented by the Foundation during 2017-2019.

Hospital support and sanitation :
This project aims to support and rehabilitate hospitals to perform their role in the community.
the hospitals were provided with medical equipment and supplies . ( wash kidney failure patients).

Among the areas of these programs:
– Provide the Military Hospital with two medical devices
Ophthalmology device .

– Support the Republic Hospital with filters patients of kidney failure.
– Support Center of hope for the treatment of cancer patients.
– Support war wounded for treatment abroad.
– Support hospitals with oxygen cylinders .

Mobile medical clinics :
This program aims to provide the necessary health and awareness services to the most affected groups such as the displaced in a timely manner . It has implemented medical convey for remote areas .It aims to support the displaced people from Al-Wazaya in Ras Al- Ara to Lahj governorate through providing health awareness services.

Treatment of wound and patients :
This program aims to support the treatment of the wounded &licensed ,especially with chronic diseases and to provide humanitarian aid to alleviate their suffering.

Medical camps:
This program aims to provide health care to the targets and draw the smile on the faces of disabled and to provide patients with free and accessible medicines through the camps.

Awareness and education:
This program aims at raising awareness to individuals and target groups on specific topics as health and social education.