Water and Environment Sanitation

This area aims to provide population with safe water for drinking and use for the most affected and needy areas, in the time the official water institution completely stopped its services


Distribution drinking water :
The project was implemented in partnership with several supporting agencies including the water supply project funded by the king Salman(king Salman Humanitarian &Relief Center(local partner)together with Benevolence Coalition For Humanitarian Relief, one life Global Britain, The Initiative to Liberate Kuwait)in the distribution of water tanks and container and distribution of potable and useable water.

Feild Activities:
Distribution drinking water .
Distribution usable water .
Drilling and restoring wells :
The project aims to maintain, rehabilitate wells, run them, and provide water to neighborhoods and communities. One of these wells is the well around the tree and Salit well, Doboua well, and well of Wadi al-Madam in the directorate of Cairo and Almazafar in Taiz.
Feild Activities
Distribution of containers and tanks.
Distributing water tanks .
Distributing water containers .
Building reservoirs and dams .
Repairing sewerage networks .
Waste management
Awareness and education .