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– (42,299) is benefited from the projects and programs of the early recovery sector, foremost of which is development and empowerment, which the Foundation has implemented since its establishment on February 29, 2017.

A – Rehabilitation and empowerment programs for women and youth:

These programs aim at alleviating unemployment and poverty in the complex by rehabilitating and empowering the unemployed youth and the woman who supports her family, and protecting them from exploitation and humiliation. and self-reliance  . The program includes two phases: rehabilitation and training to provide them with skills and craftsmanship, and then support them with supplies and equipment that will enable them to establish their own projects and be self-reliant.

Among the projects and activities of the Women and Youth Rehabilitation and Empowerment Program:

  • Diploma in International Computer Driving License.
  • Graphic Diploma
  • Diploma in sewing and embroidery
  • Advanced sewing Diploma
  • Diploma in smartphone maintenance and programming.
  • Diploma in electrical installations and solar energy systems.
  • Information Security Diploma.
  • Diploma in the installation and programming of surveillance cameras.
  • Motorcycle maintenance diploma.
  • Diploma in Internet Administration Wi-Fi.
  • Diploma in Film Editing, Photography and Sound Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Food Industry.
  • perfume industry Diploma in
  • Painting on glass and handicrafts.
  • Diploma in hairdressing and engraving.
  • Marketing art and life skills courses.

B – The Microfinance Program (Rizk Program)

This program aims to empower women and youth who have private projects and need to develop and develop their projects through lending or support with the required equipment. He has benefited from this program since the establishment of the Foundation on February 29, 2017, number (32). family in several areas, the most important of which are:

-Vegetables Department.

-Markets Department

-Media Department

-Ice-Cream Department

-Book Store Department

-Pea Department

-Sewing Department

cAdvocacy Programme

This program aims to support the demands of people or those adopted by initiatives, movements or community organizations and help them  to achieve their rights.

Among the projects and activities of this program:


-Training Courses.

– Protest Pauses

– Human Chains


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Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MAAKUM) is a non-governmental, non-profit, relief and development foundation, established on January 29, 2017, and it works in six sectors: Education, Health, WASH, Protection, Shelter, and Food Security and Livelihood. It has extensive relations with the official bodies, clusters and working Organizations. And all groups and segments of society benefit from its projects.
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