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Taiz .. mdf Foundation honors 112 trainees of future entrepreneurs within the framework of my profession is in my hand 3

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Sunday 9/2 2020

Sponsored by the governor of Taiz Mr. Nabil Shamsan and the leaders of the local authority in the governorate, Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf celebrated the graduation of the third batch of graduates of the Program my profession is in my hands 3
the batch of future entrepreneurs, implemented by the institution and benefited 112 trainees in ten specialties ..

During the ceremony, bags and the basic kit were distributed to each trainee to enable them to start their own projects. Laptops, sewing machines and bags containing equipment for working in all fields were distributed.

The ceremony included many technical and creative paragraphs and presented by the graduates by themselves in an interactive and participatory way, and distinguished by the attendants and their interaction.

In the ceremony, the first deputy governor of Taiz
Dr/ Abdul-Qawi Al-Mikhlafi said in his speech of the local authority, the efforts of Ma’ akum Developmental Foundation mdf, especially the adoption of such qualitative programs through training and qualification of young men and women to benefit the family and society, as the first representative of the governorate of Taiz called for organizations and institutions in the governorate of Taiz to follow the example of Ma’akum Foundation focusing on development projects during year 2020.

Dr. Abdel Hamid Hamid, mdf Chairman, affirmed that the project of my profession is in my hands comes among the priorities of the early recovery sector in the Foundation, indicating that this program aims to reduce unemployment among young people and empower women who lost families, stressing the importance of financing development projects for their impact on events Sustainable development in the community. Also he added word of thanks to Selh foundation for Development for its support of the program and its consideration of the lead in this regard for the third year in a row and thanked everyone who contributed to the financing and success of this qualitative program. During the ceremony, the head of the MDF preached that the Foundation will soon launch my profession is in my hand 4 ..

The ten young people participating in their speeches to the audience expressed their happiness on this occasion, in which they were able to acquire skills that qualify them for the labor market and meet their aspirations and motivate them to open their own projects that enable them to rely on themselves.

It is noteworthy that my profession in my hands 3 program included training of 112 trainees in ten fields: internet networks management, photography, montage and sound engineering, sewing and embroidery, hairdressers, information security, electrical installations, smart phone programming and maintenance, motorcycle maintenance, programming and installation of surveillance cameras, And the professionalism of the food industries ..

The ceremony was attended by the director General of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor, Mr. Abdo Ali Mohamed, the Director General of the Office of Technical
Education and Vocational Training, Eng. Qaid Al-Salwi, the Director General of the Office of Education, A / Abdul Wasid Shaddad, and the Director General of the Civil Service Office. Mr. Al-Shaibani, the ceremony was attended by many officials and social charecters, representatives of civil society institutions in the governorate, and the parents of trainees.
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